Monday, September 18, 2006

Googling the Google Logo

There are few who reckon that the famous Google logo was done in Powerpoint which I think is a bit far fetched considering the drop shadow doesn't work all that well in the software designed to create the world's most irritating sentimental slideshows. But, nevertheless there is no doubting the amateurishness of the logo in terms of typography and graphic design. Save the unique Catull typeface designed by the versatile designer Gustav Jaegar, there is hardly anything in the logo which suggests professionalism. But whether it is a deliberate attempt to reflect the much hyped 'light-hearted simplicity' of Google or just plain deception is open for debate.

Besides the logo serving the purpose of reaffirming Google's self-styled image, it also gave 23-year old Korean Dennis Hwang a full-time job. The idea of graphic transformations worked wonderfully well for the logo and Dennis is the man behind all the creativity. The Van Gogh one is my personal favourite. Which is yours?


Blogger Prometheus said...

Prometheus wonders why Google UAE has the plain vanilla logo. He can think up of a Google with a kandoora, the Burj, a camel and lots of sand. He also wonders how they'd write Google in Arabic, given that it doesn't have the 'g' (as in 'get') phoneme. So it'd either be Al Joogle or Al Ghooghle. Wot?

5:27 pm  
Blogger Woke said...

Google usually does these logo during holidays...and I havent come across and Muslim holiday ones or relevant to the region.

The first one shown here is for the Persian New year, I think.

They use Google in English in their Arabic site. Wonder how it is being referred to elsewhere.

9:53 am  

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