Monday, September 04, 2006

Internet Access in UAE - What to Expect in Future

A few changes in the internet access policy and some info provided by some 'inside sources'.

  • From this month onwards, Etisala' will lose the right to block sites directly. From now on Etisala' will have to send a recommendation to TRA and TRA will decide on whether to block the web site or not after an evaluation process.
    TRA does not appear to be a bunch of friendly folks - so not exactly exciting news.
  • du will have to undertake the same procedure when they start their service. All websites blocked by Etisala' previously will remain so. Which essentially means websites blocked by Etisala' will also be blocked by other service providers(if there are any in future).
    So those people who do not like Etisalat and is thinking of switching over to du, you know what to expect.
  • du is also a semi-government company in case you thought otherwise. The recent blocking of Skype and other VOiP services inside Media City was initiated by du after they officially took over the telecom service control from Media City.
    Et tu du?
  • Incase you want a website to be unblocked- you will not be able to contact TRA directly but will have to request the service provider (Etisala' or du) who will then forward the same to TRA for approval.
    Which further complicates the process and a sensible outcome less likely.

  • Etisala' actually has a separate department which monitors websites. The websites which gets most no:of hits are monitored selectively apart from a standard automated monitoring process - which means that the more popular 'undesirable' websites are more likely to be blocked than less popular ones with almost the same type of content.
    Google Video and the rest, here comes Big Daddy.
Bleak, indeed.


Blogger Dani said...

No bright future for the hopefools after all.

2:35 pm  

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