Thursday, August 31, 2006

More Invitations

Emaar is one of the companies in Dubai who has experimented a lot in terms of advertising, marketing and communications. Which doesn't necessarily mean that they have built up a successful brand image. Almost all of the creative agencies in Dubai, big or small seem to have worked with them and all have them have produced works which are everything from shoddy to outstanding.

During those good old Unreal Estate days in Dubai, Emaar used to spend some big money when it came to product launches. During the launch of Park Island, not their most well known project, a DM campaign was launched which I found particularly interesting.

Potential buyers(NBD customers) received a sleek and elegant box with a message 'Experience the Pleasure of Designer Living'. Men who expected a collecters edition of Playb*y magazine were disappointed to find four bottles of fragrances titled 'Calming', 'Rejuvenating', 'Relaxing' and 'Invigorating'.

Though this was not a path breaking idea, I thought it was a nice touch. Especially, comparing with the rather cold Burj Dubai Black Box with a ruler in it.

The idea of using real objects which can be associated with the projects has been done before. Victory Heights with a good branding platform undertaken by Futurebrand also produced a similar 'boxy invitation' with four objects which represented each of the branding elements.


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