Sunday, August 27, 2006

Of Kingsize Brochures And Glossy Papers

Brochures produced by some Dubai based companies are fascinating to look at. That is if you can manage to hold a 45 cm x 32 cm brochure weighing not less than 4 kg long enough to have a good look at it, before it breaks your bones and blinds your eyes.

In Dubai, creativity does not get you further than your creative directors trash bin. Even if it does, once it reaches the clients meeting table it is trashed away followed by the eternal question being asked in Dubai more often than not- "Where is the Big (and Flashy) idea?"

So when Fortune Promoseven was briefed by Emaar to create a brochure for Dubai Mall and Burj Dubai, they pretty much knew what 'needs to be done'. I am sure many will be impressed 70 pages of stock photographs of models( I swear you can see more models appearing in FTV for one whole month) mixed with a dozen ice-cold 3-d renderings and some very inspiring copy like 'Dubai - City of Dreams'. Half a million well-spent.

But where is the brand?


Blogger UAE Creatives said...

Good one!

It's really a sorry state of affairs well-meaning creatives have to face.

Noticed any good branding work recently in the UAE? Do post about them.

10:55 am  
Blogger Woke said...

I like how du is shaping up. Dubai World Central, Omniyat, Victory Heights and City of Arabia has also managed to stand out from the rest. I will be posting their brochures/invites/promotional material soon.
I lost my camera :-(

11:16 am  

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