Saturday, August 05, 2006

Finding Hammour

Looks like the not-so-tasteful Found Nemo! joke has caught on in Dubai as well - but with a twist. I was quite surprised to see a teaser ad resembling a Finding Nemo poster with a a slight modification in the title. Nemo was ofcourse missing and the title said - Finding Hammour. How imaginative.

Anyone knows about the ad Im talking about? I have to click a picture next time I see it.

Update: Apparently, this execution was done earlier by Saatchi & Saatchi and won a Cannes Gold Lion in the direct marketing category. The Dubai version as I later found out is done for Burger King whose 'originality' has won them an award for branding excellence in the UAE.
Looking forward to scan of the ad in UAE Creatives.


Blogger UAE Creatives said...

Hi Woke...wonder of wonders! Didnt expect to find a post about the Finding Hammour campaign here....I had captured those ads and was saving it for a separate post...will put it up today!

1:39 pm  
Blogger Woke said...

Awesome. :D
I was too lazy to click snaps of the mupies.

2:22 pm  
Blogger sruthi said...

aaaahahahahaha. mean, but funny! i love sushi:)

11:48 pm  
Blogger shansenta said...

"The Dubai done for Burger King whose 'originality' has won them ..."

Well noted, woke!! :D:D
I'd like to strongly suggest Cannes to syndicate an award for "Best in Originality" from the region - feel it would be more timely, esp. when a lot of recognition has already been received from them recently.

5:09 pm  
Anonymous Hörapparat landstinget said...

Veeerrry good thanx

11:33 pm  

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