Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Sand Lovers

There was this little poem which appeared in a poetry appreciation book which I had in school that got stuck in my mind ever since.

I wonder if this makes sense to you as it did to me(with a bit of experimental typography from my side).


Blogger samuraisam said...

Thanks for the shout out on expat interviews!
It is appreciated!

12:39 pm  
Blogger UAE Creatives said...

This should be made into a poster! Nice work. :)

1:45 pm  
Anonymous bluesaze said...

Nice portfolio on Deviantart man love your designs ... :) will be checking up there frequently. :)

10:21 am  
Blogger Prometheus said...

Nice visual. Might want to title it 'Dog Daze', to use a cliche. Woof!

10:46 am  
Blogger Woke said...

The poems title was 'The Dog Lovers' :D

10:48 am  
Blogger archer14 said...

Beautiful work.

10:44 pm  
Blogger belinha said...


3:15 pm  
Blogger shansenta said...

Hi! Being an animal lover, and particularly dogs, I felt the poem has really got a lot of pathos in it. Seems to be created by Woke? If that's so, kudos to you!!
On the other hand, it is also a very sad poem especially with the antique, restored B/W film effect you've succeeded in giving to it! I feel it is a sort of emotive piece that has been given life by your graphic designing! Very good item for a poster.
I'd though have loved it more if the line brreaks were different... but again I'm not a copywriter... so no offence!!

4:41 pm  
Blogger Woke said...

Not really. As I have mentioned in the post, it is some obscure poem that was there in my school poetry book. I dont even remember the author. But it definitely caught my attention.

I see what you mean by the line breaks. But more than aesthtics, the difficulty in figuring out the sentences ony makes the ending more interesting, I thought. ;)

4:54 pm  
Blogger shansenta said...

Yes... you're right indeed! As I mentioned I'm not a copy person - not even a creative person as such... Would see some more of interesting stuff on this blog perhaps?

12:39 am  
Blogger MD said...

Very, VERY nice!

12:46 am  

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