Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Great Solomon Mupesa of Dubai

Have you ever felt so messed-up that you actually found time read through one of those scam emails?

Today morning, not only did I read through an email from a certain Mrs.Hilda Mupesa, wife of late Ndoga Mupesa of Chiweshe ward in Muzarabani, Mashonaland, but I googled for Mashonaland(Hell it exists!) and Hilda Mupesa as well. That is how I ended up at Africanscam.co.uk. No references to Hilda Mupesha to my disappointment, but her son was definitely within reach according to Craig McAteer – and here is the scoop, in Dubai of all places.

On 20th April 2003, Under the false name, Steve Arthur Thomson, Craig interacted with this Mupesa guy through emails (a must read), promised him the money (and an expensive watch) and even managed to meet him here in Dubai. Refer to the link for photos and details.

Although the Dubai Police was alerted, I presume nothing came of it and as far as I know the Mupesa guy is still at large from the email that I received today. Or perhaps this is a gang using the same method to fool people – not a well laid plan though.

So here is the guy. The Great Solomon Mupesa. If you happen to meet him somewhere in Dubai, you know what he is upto.
Btw isn't that the Dubai Creek in the background?


Blogger samuraisam said...

A scam-artist in Dubai.

I am shocked and dismayed.

1:16 pm  
Blogger Woke said...

Here is the email that I received..

HILDA MUPESA hildamupesa3@virgilio.it to undisclosed-re.
More options 02-Oct (2 days ago)

Private contact : hildamupesa4@virgilio.it
Lawyer's contact : georgeandcollins@katamail.com

Dear friend,

Compliments of the season 2006.

After series of prayers/fasting.i was divinely directed to contact you
among other names found in the data base.I believe that God ( Allah )has a
way of helping who is in a problem and nobody on earth was born without
problem.Every problem have a divine solution . In a brief i am Mrs.Hilda
Mupesa,wife to late Ndoga Mupesa of Chiweshe ward in Muzarabani,Mashonaland
Central province,who was allegedly killed in cold blood on 5th april
2001 by alleged Zanu PF militias and war veterans for supporting the (Mr
Morgan Tsvangirai)Movement for Democratic Change, an opposition party to the
tyranny government of President Mugabe,am in search of an someone to assist us
in the transfer of (USD25.5M)deposited with a private security company in
Africa and Middle East and all legal Documents that poves the existence will be
provide by Lawyer Mr George Collins.I have decided to leave my country due to
threats on me and my family and seizure of all my husband property including my
travelling documents by Mugabe governement agents.I want you to contact with our
family lawyer who is now in Cotonou-Republic Of Benin to furnish you how you can
assist me pick up this fund after which both of us will travel to your country
for my investment,you will be required to

(1) Assist in the transfer of the said sum
(2) Advise on lucrative areas for investment
(3) Assist us in purchase of properties
(4) Address,telephone and fax numbers

If you decide to render your service to us in this regard,30% of the
total sum of US$25.5m will be for you.If you are interested to assist
me.Contact my lawyer,Barrister George Collins (georgeandcollins@katamail.com
),whom i have instructed to contact you on my behalf.If after going through
this mail and you are not interested kindly delete this message and do not let
anybody know about it due to the nature of this transaction.
God Bless
Yours sincerely,
Mrs.Hilda Mupesa.

11:42 am  
Blogger Phoenix said...

This is becoming familiar; eve now you started to hear Arabic Names, with actual contact numbers with actual names and some of them are very well known names. What I can’t understand is how people can believe or trust these things! im really shocked about that. and it’s so obvious that Solomon or Moses or whoever is not someone you can easily trust. anyway, excellent Blog, I really like it.

2:07 pm  
Anonymous farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

These are real people? I thought these were bots?

Just wishing I could filter these pesky emails from my inbox.

2:50 pm  
Blogger MD said...

hahahhaha this is HILARIOUS!

After series of prayers/fasting.i was divinely directed to contact you
among other names found in the data base.

2:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small world - Craig McAteer is a mate of ours, he'll be coming out to Dubai again in a couple of weeks to help Team Saluki at the UAE Desert Challenge. See www.teamsaluki.com - he's there. I'll make sure he knows that his fame has spread!



9:12 am  
Blogger Woke said...

I had seen that site as well. Do say hi to him and tell him he is on Gulf
News ..it was great reading about the adventure. :D


4:35 pm  

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