Saturday, June 03, 2006

TIME for Opus Dei

No, I havent seen the movie yet. But the barrrage of criticism has convinced me that I can sit through 'Da Vinci Code' without strangling the film distributor. Ever since the dubious distinction of being the most popular 'lost and found' item from trains was bestowed upon this book, it has become not-so-fashionable to say that you are a Dan Brown fan. It is akin to admitting that you listen to Backstreet Boys(I heard they are back again- Backstreets back, allright- dont get me started ok?).
If you are having frequent heaches trying to find out about the unending mysteries and clues associated with the book, this TIME magazine article about the 'evil' Opus Dei is going to make it worse. There was a report about Opus Dei spending millions of dollars in a PR campaign to strengthen their public image after the book gave them nightmares. Looks like it is working.
Here are some scans from the TIME article. Worth a read.


Blogger black feline said...

Heard the movie bombed big time...lose out to X Men III..
but the quite a page turner!

5:49 pm  
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