Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Dancing in Dubai

So the question is, 'Why is Saif Ali Khan dancing in the US?'. I seriously have no idea. I am sure the Gulf News Tabloid writer is among the 5 million people in Dubai who waited with bated breath to see this son of a Tiger dance to a remix featured in the Bollywood Top 3750 list.
We have all heard of the British tabloids being the most nonsensical ever to appear on print- so what if the UAE newspapers cannot impersonate the page 3 nud*s or celebrities smoking pot. They have found different ways to capture the attention of disgruntled readers. Here the gulf news writer has found a scoop where Mr.Saif was found dancing in a stage show in US after 'walking slowly, smiling weakly and speaking softly' in Dubai. So the writer asks you a genuine question. Are you Angry? Upset?

So we should be. If all the UAE newspapers refrain from publishing such enlightening articles in the name of a tabloid interlaced with spoon-fed PR crap we would be much less angry and upset. Saying that, Gulf News is one of the betters newspapers in this region, especially compared to "your favourite No:1 newspaper in the UAE." where every article is a masterpiece by itself and worthy of 8 pages of review. I heard Uncle Sam is looking to graduate from 'physical torture' to 'mental torture' in Abu Ghuraib. It wouldn't be a bad idea to make the colonels read out Khaleej Times to the prisoners as the part of the procedure.


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