Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Beam me up Scotty! (There's no intelligent life here)

Greyworldwide's Middle East & Africa homepage starts with an awkward animation that appears like some infected flies converging towards a piece of mud or perhaps something far worse."Constantly growing, very much alive. Just like the amoeba" is their dreary explanation that accompanies the same.

Lack of imagination is very much part of Grey's latest marketing campaign for National Bonds Corporation which shows 'retouched' ordinary people looking at yachts, lamborghinis and oversized villas with a not so captivating tagline "Stop dreaming. Start saving" (For those who have not yet managed to read what it says it is nothing as mystical as it lead you to think) in the most illegible typefaces ever used in an advert. The logo is even more baffling with a series of red and brown circles pointing upwards accompanied by 'National Bonds' written in red Eurostile font. How, one of the world's leading advertising firms can get away with such nonsense is beyond comprehension.


Blogger ScottyFerguson said...

I dont get it? The people who are looking at these coveted objects look perfectly fine? They look wealthy and happy. I'd like to be a much more attractive Tom Cruse on a bike. I'd like to shop with a real leather handbag. I'd like to live in a highrise woth a loving family.
Am I missing something here?

11:39 pm  
Blogger Woke said...

The criticism was more on a creative front despite a good job on the art direction and execution. But if you are compelled to go for an NBC loan after seeing these ads, obviously the ad is successful.

8:16 am  

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