Sunday, April 30, 2006

Good News and Khaleej Whines

Reading newspapers in the UAE can be an enlightening experience. According to Good News , the government is doing so much for the people that when all the labour related newsreports that is cropping up with an invisible tagline 'hope they dont read it and ask us to close shop' are .."fishy aims behind the organised campaign against the UAE." I am not sure if the UAE has instituted some journalism awards for fearless reporting, but if there is, I'm sure this guy will be on the shortlist.
Talking about 'fearless reporting', your favourite no:1 newspaper in the UAE (shut up you idiot, it is your favourite no:1 newspaper, we know) has no time for such insights. They are busy with injecting some social responsibility into the mindset of UAE citizens.
And I do not know how much difference this would make for the underpaid, overworked construction workers in the UAE, but give it a try.
Thanks to Secret Dubai Diary for some references.


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