Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sorry, Dubai

If Etisalat was swift in blocking Sorry Dubai for what it called objectionable content (read criticism of Etisalat) last year, it obviously does not find anything wrong with the new version which has some interesting messages for Dubai-ans.

Wake up, idiots who think dubai is the best.Cauz any of you havent seen anywhere else like Deutschland,Gro├čbritannien,Amerika,Europa usw.
Whole heartedlyF*** u all

posted by Ahmedinejad at 4:11 PM

Future of dubai?

What is the future of dubai!!Well if it has any!!
IN 40 yrs they run out of oil and thaey can't do anything about
posted by Ahmedinejad at 4:37 AM



Blogger Dani said...

LOL Etisalat got pissed off badly with the criticism. oOops.. hahaha! :D

5:09 pm  

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