Monday, January 23, 2006

Learning to blog

So it is like 12:30 pm here in Dubai and my back hurts. Not an auspicious occasion to start my first blog. But let me start it anyway, since it is not going to get much better in the near future nor do I think Microsoft Word spellchecker will kill that red headless snake under the most talked-about addition in the English dictionary.
What does 100's of hours of browsing pointless internet websites, idiotic games and silly online conversations give you after a few years? A slip disc. You might like that techy touch to it - though I swear you wouldn't find anything enjoyable in lying down in bed and staring at the roof endlessly or walking like a dysfunctional experimental Aibo.

For the incorrigible geeks, a slip disc(never mind the k and the c) has nothing to do with Seagate or Intel Corporation as I found out.
A disc prolapse (slipped disc) is the result of too much pressure on the intervertebral disc. Typically, pressure on the front part of the disc squeezes it backwards causing it to rupture. The core of the damaged disc then sometimes presses against a nerve root. Since this squeezing of the disc is associated with a forward bending of the spine, patients are often advised to avoid bending forwards.

Let me put my finger into the blog soup with the superlatives - pointless, idiotic and silly eternally attached to all those people whose existence in the real world is confined to bathrooms and my beloved disc that slipped alongwith. And I swear, my next blog, if ever it happens will be free from such baloney(Source: ; apparently means nonsense) and will be around Advertising , Graphic design, Typography and last and most certainly the least, Dubai and it's zillion sheikh-the-world real estate projects. Before you frown at the bad puns, that was just a hint for all those americans who ask "dubai huh?" whenever I reluctantly answer the last part of the question that the internet is haunted with so long - a/s/l please?