Monday, January 08, 2007

The Leaning Tower of UAE?

One of the most high profile buildings in the capital, the ADIA tower situated at the Abu Dhabi Corniche remains unoccupied long after completion allegedly due to a 'tilting basement' besides problems with wiring and power supply.

The unique building, shaped to resemble 'shifting sand-dunes' and featuring a double-glazed facade curtained with automatic blinds took more than 5 years to complete and cost Dhs 500 million. But if the problems remain unresolved (reportedly it has sunk 3 inches and has had frequent fires due to short circuits), who knows, some world-renowned project consultants and architects might give us the world's first leaning tower where people actually work.

Hold on to your desks and bring a candle, folks!

Image courtesy : Skyscrapercity


Blogger Sruthi said...

hey did you hear about the building in dubai that was under construction that caught on fire? what caused that?

8:04 am  
Blogger Lirun said...


what a beautiful monument nonetheless..

12:57 am  
Blogger Sophia.F said...

I stumbled upon this blog - Its extremly interesting, I must say.
I am actually new to 'blogging' and this is in actual fact, the first comment I am leaving.
The building does look amazing and truely stands out from the rest of the Abu Dhabi skyline.

6:31 am  
Blogger Martin said...

I visited Dubai last summer. And I was really impressed with Dubai's progress and magnificent buildings and architecture. These Burj Dubai,World and Palm Islands, Dubailand, and other projects like the underwater hotel etc. are wonderful. And this building looks very nice.
Dubai is the city of the future. It is the city of wonders, this city came from no were to be one of the most important cities in the word. Dubai has many projects that seem unreal, but they made it real. I have heard a lot of about amazing and breathtaking Dubai property constructions, that is why so many tourists are really willing to visit Dubai, to see the masterpieces alive.

5:40 pm  
Blogger petetow said...

It does look like its leaning, Dubai has some fantastic architecture and without doubt some of the best designed buildings in the world, the influence spreads around the world even when I was buying some asda garden furniture I notiched that the comapnies design logo was very similar to the Dubai hotel design that looks like a sail. Its influence is spreading.

2:20 pm  
Anonymous Rani said...

Dubai changing everyday

7:01 pm  
Blogger scott McRobie said...

11:11 am  
Blogger Nabi Hussein said...

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5:25 pm  
Blogger jack thomes said...

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