Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A huge leap for UAE, one baby step for democracy

Congratulations if you are one among the 6689 people eligible to cast a vote to elect half of the 40-member Federal National Council of UAE. If you are one, good to know that there is a 17.77% chance that you are a woman. Though the ruling families gets to choose the 6689 voters and also 'the better half' of the council, I am sure the FNC will do a fantastic job as an advisory board with no legislative powers.

The last time I casted a vote, I had to choose between a communist poet, an agnostic christian, a hindu fundamentalist and my college mate who used an apple as his election symbol. Though I missed being poked on my finger with stamp ink, I did enjoy standing in the queue alongside a surprisingly sober toddy addict, a professional coconut tree climber(what else do you call them), a dozen communist activists and some muslim relatives marvelling at the electronic voting machine.

The light at the end of the tunnel is fortunately not an approaching train(we will have to wait longer for the Dubai metro, don't we?), but a lit-up matchstick. Atleast that is what Asda'a is trying to tell us.


Blogger Luna Piena said...

i like how you sarcastically point out that we're fucked either way with these elections.. if it was sarcasm at all?
nice work with the writing...

7:54 pm  
Anonymous Jacob said...

Woke, I first time vote was at the Panchyat level. I had to choose between by coconut climber and barber.

Who did I vote for? I'm taking it to the grave with me :-)

10:52 pm  
Blogger Amanda said...

interesting stuff. voting is something I have always just taken for granted. Now, as an immigrant in Canada, I'm not able to.

also, thanks for the link to explain Asda! In England where I used to live Asda is a supermarket chain.

10:54 pm  
Blogger Woke said...

Luna piena,
Sarcasm can really go awry sometimes, if it reaches the wrong people, as I found out earlier.

You dont realise how important it is untile you are not able to vote, isn't it?
And the PR agency might do better being a supermarket, I think - considering their work here.

8:48 am  

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